Papua New Guinea, fondly named the Land of a Thousand Cultures lies entirely within the tropics, just south of the Equator and 85 nautical miles from the northern most point of Australia. This fascinating country boasts more than 600 islands, atolls and coral reefs and is recognized as holding the largest area of intact rainforest outside the Amazon. With immense diversity in flora, fauna and natural landscape, rich in culture and hosting very welcoming locals, PNG is a pristine world of its own offering a unique holiday experience that will relax and awaken all of your senses.

Papua New Guinea is blessed with towering mountain peaks, lush fertile valleys, gorges with waterfalls –
flowing into the ocean, golden beaches and sparkling coral islands. It is internationally recognized for some of
the best diving and fishing spots in the world. The wonders of Papua New Guinea never cease to impress
even the well-traveled. On MY Spirit we will safely navigate you through the highlights in comfort and luxury.
Offering opportunities along the way to utilize all of our adventure equipment and toys we carry whilst
immersing in the beauty and serenity of your natural surroundings. There is no better way to explore a
country where so little has changed over centuries.


A new day dawns after an overnight passage, and from the Galley, the aroma of freshly baked croissants fills the yacht, luring you up to embrace the day and make your way outside taking in all the beauty that surrounds you in this new location. Sipping on your morning coffee, enjoying stillness and solitude while the waves gently lap against the boat as we sit at anchor. Starting your day at your chosen pace, Chef Jo will put on a full breakfast spread, fueling you for your adventures while you discuss activities your Captain has helped you all plan out for the day.

Weather, sea conditions, location and energy levels all considered you may have a scuba diving tour planned for a secret dive spot or get a ride out to a fringing reef for a snorkel session. Looking for a cultural experience? Let’s take the tender for a spin around some of the islands, meeting locals, venturing the markets and bartering for some local arts, crafts and souvenirs.

We can arrange private tours with a local guide in an area of your choice as they will bridge the culture gap and to allow for a safe and enjoyable experience. Feeling active? Let’s go on a guided hike and seek out a secret waterfall.

Fishing is always an option on MY Spirit so why not throw a line out and try your luck. If you bring in a catch, Chef Jo will be happy to cook it for you.


On our trips to PNG, some of our favourite places to take guests include Madang, Kavieng Province, Kimbe Bay, Rabaul, Tufi, Milne Bay, Conflict Group and Louisiade Archipelago CAPT- GEOGRAPHIC order of these locations ok or need shuffling?

With Milne Bay being one of the closest points to Australia and also having a nearby airport, this is a great location to begin your trip with MY Spirit. The Milne Bay province offers excellent snorkeling and diving with gorgeous beaches and scenery. We can start you trip here en-route east, to the pristine Conflict Group Islands and even further to Lousiades. As an alternative we could make our way north, toward the equator and explore this beautiful province Tufi, as your final destination. The possibilities are endless.

Tufi has exceptionally clear waters, abundant fish and beautiful corals in its fiord-like rias. A Ria is a coastal inlet. There are easily accessible wrecks and reefs with drop-offs, hammerhead sharks and moray eels.

Tufi also hosts and airport for your convenient departure, however the absolute highlight of this area is the spectacular rias which are over 100 meters deep. Travelling at a very leisurely pace, take in the tranquility of your surroundings, savouring each moment of nature at its most profound.

Kimbe Bay in the West of New Britain is famous for its huge range of giant soft corals, abundance of barrel and elephant sponges, large fish and caves. Kimbe Bay weather conditions are great all year round but it can be quite wet in January and quite windy in August. Head east to New Britain’s Simpson Harbour which holds WWII boat and plane wrecks, good walls and the Beehives (a small group of craggy islands) to explore. With much to explore and experience in between, Rabaul much further east is a city which features an active volcano and a fabulous anchorage for your last night on board.


PNG is rich in culture and ethnic diversity, with over 800 languages spoken. Ritual, ceremony, fire dancing, festivals, music, adornments, art, crafts, markets and vibrant colours are a massive part of their way of life and add to the cheerful atmosphere. We would be thrilled to arrange a traditional dance exclusively performed to you on the boat.


From protected bays and glassy waters for paddle boarding, incredible fjords and gorges to kayak down, unpopulated beaches and wild coastlines (some only accessible by boat) reach ultimate PNG surf. With underwater visibility ranging up to 60 metres, the water conditions are ideal for snorkeling and diving and all the sea creatures, and underwater features including wrecks and caves make many a thrilling underwater adventure.


A relatively new destination to surf enthusiasts, Papua New Guinea has breaks that are as challenging and exhilarating as anywhere else in the world. The best time to surf in PNG is from October to April.

PNG is also perfect for Kite Surfers and again is still relatively undiscovered. Remote, uncrowded kite spots are ideal for kite enthusiasts and with the same breaks the surfers enjoy, provide great action for the avid wave rider. With the pristine blue lagoons also on offer there is something for everyone. Take advantage of the Laurabada trade winds from late May to November.


Papua New Guinea is internationally recognized as one of the best dive destinations in the world. Located in the Coral Triangle of marine biodiversity Papua New Guinea has the highest diversity of tropical fish and coral in the world and everything that is part of a tropical ecosystem exists in Kimbe Bay alone!

The huge diversity of dive and snorkel sites in PNG include barrier reefs, coral walls, coral gardens, coral atolls and wrecks.

Imagine getting dropped off on your own private pristine white sand beach where you can swim and snorkel in a shallow blue water lagoon amongst thousands of tropical reef fish, and search for giant clams. For those feeling more adventurous we can take you to explore a one of the many deep crystal-clear reefs for a dive and snorkel where you will spot larger fish pelagic fish, sharks, rays and if you’re lucky, large pods of Orcas who pass by through September each year. With local knowledge at hand we can arrange an exciting drift dive or enjoy some history and swim back in time whilst exploring a wreck.


It is only recently that fishing enthusiasts have discovered what Papua New Guinea has to offer. With so much variety of fishing within range, anglers can choose their style of fishing. In dense Jungle rivers, why not try your luck the Papua New Guinea Black Bass or the River tiger which is found nowhere else in the world. If it is the ocean you prefer to fish in Dog Tooth Tuna, Sailfish, Yellow fin Tuna and Marlin are just some of the species on offer to angle for.

For fishing enthusiasts November to December brings schools of Yellow Fin Tuna throughout the Milne Bay to Solomon Sea region.


We will stock up with local and fresh produce from our home port and top up from the local markets and fisherman who come to the boat to sell their catch of the day. The Fresh Fruit and Vegetable are all organically grown and you can certainly taste the difference. Chef Jo prides her self of creating gourmet food in remote areas and the service on board is 5 star. With a great selection of wine onboard your stewardesses will pair the wine accordingly with what is being served.


You can expect a warm to hot and humid climate throughout the

year with temperatures averaging 25ºC – 32ºC. The rainy season varies over the summer months usually only really effecting February and March, with the country at its driest from April to November. The average water temperature is 29 degrees. There is fantastic sports fishing and remarkably calm for water sports as sheltered from South East trade winds May to December.

Large pods of Orcas migrate through Kimbe Bay area mid August to September each year.

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