Destination Spotlight: Papua New Guinea

Located just north of Australia, Papua New Guinea is a destination rich in culture and unspoilt by tourism. It has breathtaking landscapes and amazing creatures both on land and below the water. With more than 800 languages spoken on 300 islands, Papua New Guinea offers a truly authentic and diverse charter yacht destination.

Spirit Luxury Charter Yacht will be in Papua New Guinea from July to September 2018, so now is the perfect time to experience a destination with a difference in complete luxury aboard Spirit Charter Yacht. You can book your very own private charter yacht and explore this beautiful country according to your own schedule. With Spirit Charters, you can create your own itinerary and experience all that Papua New Guinea has to offer!


Spirits sophisticated and sleek design offers the perfect platform to explore the beautiful waters of Papua New Guinea. Sit back and relax as our superyacht effortlessly glides across calm, tropical waters. Our luxury charter yacht can accommodate up to 12 guests so bring the family and create some unforgettable memories. Our crew will ensure that you and your guests can relax and enjoy the private, pampered environment and will make sure that you fall in love with your charter yacht experience.


Papua New Guinea is a country rich in culture and tradition. The traditional Melanesian cultures are kept alive in elaborate rituals that occur throughout the year. Country areas are well known for their annual Sing Sing shows in which villagers get the opportunity to demonstrate their singing, dancing and elaborate bilas (costumes). The Baining Fire Dancers perform a sacred and captivating dance unique to the Baining People living in the mountain forests of East New Britain. Performed only one rare occasions, the male performers dance barefoot on fire. The dance is both mesmerising and spectacular to watch and a great way to experience firsthand some of Papua New Guineas culture.


Papua New Guinea is renowned as one of the best dive destinations around the world. A visit to this amazing destination would not be complete without sampling its spectacular underwater world. Papua New Guinea offers a diverse selection of dive sites, including barrier reefs, coral walls, coral gardens, patch reefs, fringing reefs, sea grass beds and world war 2 wreck dive sites. Dive sites around Papua New Guinea are both exotic and still vastly unexplored. One of the best things about diving in Papua New Guinea is that most of the time you are the only one around for miles. The dive sites have been exposed to very little human impact and are well protected so divers can explore their true, natural beauty. Whilst Papua New Guinea can be dived all year-round, the best time to dive is between the months of May and November. Our friendly crew are on board Spirit have lots of experience exploring these exotic waters and know all the best dive spots. Our superyacht carriers full scuba gear and compressors available for your use. We also have underwater scooters and snorkelling equipment available for your use.


The waters surrounding Papua New Guinea are teeming with exotic fish…. A paradise for the fishing enthusiast! Many of the fishing grounds are untouched and isolated, offering some of the best fishing in the world. The coastal waters around the Madang, East and West New Britain and New Ireland areas abound in blue and black marlin, sailfish and dogtooth tuna. Bismarck and Archipelago seas are littered with Sailfish, Yellowfin tuna and Marlin. Let’s not forget about the world famous New Guinea Bass, which brings anglers from around the world to this popular fishing location. Also known as the ‘Black Bass’, this popular fish is only found in the lower rivers and estuaries of Papua New Guinea. Our charter yacht, Spirit carries an extensive range of fishing equipment for your use. It also has three tenders, one of which is dedicated to fishing. Our charter yacht crew know all the best fishing spots in the area and will help you get that catch!

Its never been a better time to book your own luxury charter yacht experience with Spirit. Create your own itinerary exploring this beautiful country and experience all that Papua New Guinea has to offer.

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