10 DAY



Papua New Guinea has an incredible diverse culture as well as having some of the best fishing and diving
that the world has to offer. A visit to this amazing destination would not be complete without sampling the
underwater world and this truly amazing culture.

January to March is the wet season though this area can be dived, fished and cruised all year
round. Temperature varies little hovering around the 87 degree F mark with water temperature being
around the same. Underwater visibility 80 to 130 ft.

DAY 1 – Alotau, Milne Bay Province

After being met at the Airport by Captain Martin you will be transferred to MY Spirit anchored off Alotau in the calm sheltered waters of Milne Bay.

You will be introduced to your crew, given a tour of your home for the next week and thoroughly briefed on the safety procedures on board the yacht.

Depending on the time available we will relocate Spirit to a nearby anchorage where you will be free to enjoy the yachts facilities, soak up the serenity and use the water sports equipment at your leisure.

Alternatively a shore excursion to the local village will be on offer. Tribal Culture is really at its best here in Papua New Guinea.

Lunch and dinner will be served at your convenience with some fresh produce procured from the local tropical markets.

DAY 2/3 – Samarai Island Group

After a leisurely breakfast we will cruise to the Samarai Island Group. Today Samarai Island is somewhat of a living Museum, given its tiny size you can explore the Island and its colonial architecture easily on foot. Across the water on Logea Island opportunities exist to hike to its glorious white sandy beaches. There are skull caves easily accessed on Logea and nearby Doini.

Diving and snorkelling opportunities abound. A large Manta ray cleaning station sits just off Dioni and the nearby Deka Deka Island pictured above gives you perfect access to the thriving reef system and pristine uninhabited white beaches.

DAY 3/4 – Deboyne Lagoon

Today will see us depart early to head east towards Deboyne lagoon. Friendly villagers sail canoes around the lagoon fishing and trading between villages. Several Japanese Zero fighters were ditched in the lagoon in WW11 providing exciting easily accessible snorkelling in the shallows.

Lots of opportunities for diving, snorkelling and fishing around the lagoon with the nearby islands of Nivani, Panaeti and Panapompom beckoning.

DAY 5/6 – Conflict Islands

Twenty one uninhabited and pristine islands make up the Conflict group. With the numerous reefs, cays and islands available, the choice of activities available are endless. Swimming, snorkeling, diving, kite surfing, Paddle boarding and fishing to name a few or just hanging out in this remote pristine location begs itself for exploration.

Perhaps today a beach barbecue with freshly caught fish and Lobster that has been traded with the locals for rice and sugar.

DAY 7/8 – D’ Entracasteaux Islands

A collection of volcanic continental islands just to the North of Milne bay itself, the islands provide a diverse array of attractions. On Ferguson Island the Dei Dei Hot springs are accessed via a short jungle walk. To the east there are fantastic opportunities to see rare birds of paradise. Dive and snorkel off the reefs of Dobu Island or walk through the villages of Dobu and immerse yourself in the unchanging Island Life…

Day 9/10 – Tufi Fjords

Whilst not strictly Fjords in the true sense of the word they are certainly as dramatic. With a maze of cliff faces descending vertically into the ocean surrounding Cape Nelson it is a truly magnificent location to finish off your Papua New Guinea experience.

Incredible displays of local culture can be experienced in Tufi not to mention some of the best diving and fishing locations on the planet.

Scenic helicopter rides over this dramatic landscape can be organized, with walks ranging from a few hours to a few days staying over night in villages can also be arranged. Kayaking and paddle boarding in these pristine bodies of water offers amazing interaction with the local villagers.


Today will see you depart MY Spirit with we hope great memories of truly unforgettable experiences………

Water Sports

There will always be a qualified crew member to guide and instruct you in the use of Spirits water sports equipment. In the interest of safety all water sports will be supervised.

The following equipment is readily available.

  • Scuba Diving
  • Snorkeling
  • SUP
  • Surf
  • Kayaks
  • Fishing
  • Wake Boarding
  • Water Skiing
  • Inflatable/Towable toys
  • Selection of wet suits, dive skins and rash protection
  • Kite boarding equipment for qualified kite boarders can be rented ashore
  • Scuba Diving is available for certified divers with insurance in place
  • Instructor accompanied Scuba diving is available for non-certified divers
  • Kite Boarding is available for IKO certified kiters
  • Kite Boarding lessons are available but need to be booked in advance

We have a selection of wet suits, Dive Skins and rash protection on board however we suggest if you have your own then bring it along as you will be far more comfortable.