Embark/Disembark Gizo

There are many islands that make up The Solomon Islands and they are grouped into nine different regions or provinces. Each region has their own provincial government and their own particular characteristics and customs. This itinerary will be exploring the Western Province which is by far the most pristine and rich in cultures of the nine.

Above and below the water you will encounter unspoiled paradises and you will be enthralled by the sights you will see. The New Georgia group caters for everyone’s needs, from beach lovers to history buffs to hard-core divers or relaxing snorkelers. There really is something for everybody in this extraordinary chain of islands.

The stunning landscapes, pristine waters and friendly culture will be an experience you will take with you and hold onto forever. On board Spirit Luxury Charters we will endeavor to take you on a journey not to be forgotten…….


Captain Martin and one of Spirits friendly crew will meet you at the airport, once on board and settled, we will relocate Super Yacht Spirit to Kennedy Island. A small pristine island where US President JF Kennedy and the crew of the PT109 were shipwrecked during WWII, a great piece of history.  This island is great for snorkeling, diving and beach combing.

A gourmet healthy lunch will be prepared by Chef Jo, then a short cruise to the south will place us at Narua island for further diving, snorkeling and water sports of your choice.

Alternatively you can simply relax and recuperate after your travels with a delicious cocktail mixed and served by Caitlin our chief Stewardess and take in the beautiful surroundings.

Anchorage will be taken locally and dinner served on board at your convenience.


After a leisurely breakfast we will relocate your Luxury Yacht Spirit to Lemba Bay, and after a short tender ride you will be the wreck of the Toa Maru which may be dived or snorkeled.  Our local guide will give you an unforgettable tour of this underwater piece of WWII history. The Toa Maru is a reasonably intact Japanese transport ship some 140m long lying on its starboard side, it was run aground after suffering damage from an American attack. The dive starts at an easy 7m descending to a maximum 37m.

After lunch we will head to Njari Island here where the ocean currents merge you will find the much talked about Grand Central Station. The fish life here is at its best, Sharks, Trevally, Batfish all abound.  This site is known for having the second highest fish count in the world with over 270 Different species of fish spotted in a single dive.  This can be dived or snorkeled easily.

In the afternoon we would suggest a visit to Saeraghi Village, take a walk along a scenic coastline to Gizos most famous beach, stopping at Gilbertese and Melanesian villages along the way where traditional life still continues.

Anchorage will be taken nearby with dinner served at a time discussed with your crew.


Today will see us picking up the anchor during the early morning hours and we will cruise to Visu Visu point on New Georgia Island. Here we will offer an early morning dive and snorkel with a good opportunity to see Hammerhead and Grey Reef Sharks. Once back on board Spirit, with breakfast served underway, we will head to another beautiful picturesque anchorage where, river cruising, fishing and more water sports will be available.

Maybe you would like to soak up the sun and your surroundings while relaxing in the on board Jacuzzi or read a book in one of the many comfortable areas Spirit has to offer.


After a good nights sleep and a leisurely breakfast we will travel south to the stunning Morovo Lagoon. Here we will enter this amazing complex of reefs and islands at Lumalihe passage, home to an amazing array of soft coral covered walls and caverns just begging to be explored.

In the afternoon we will visit the local village to witness a traditional war canoe display, and the local carvers will come to Spirit in the afternoon and show us their famous wooden artifacts.  Time for a bit of retail therapy, right off back of Spirit with her platform lowered to ocean level.  The Craftsmanship is second to none.

Captain Martin and the Crew of Spirit safely anchor Spirit and get ready for, cocktails at sunset followed by an Aussie style BBQ.


Today is a new day and we suggest an early morning swim, snorkel, sup or whatever activity you would like to explore further. Nothing is a problem when you are on board Spirit with her friendly professional crew.

This morning will see us pick our way between the pristine reefs of Morovo Lagoon, this is best enjoyed from the large fly bridge located on the top deck of Spirit.  This will give you an enviable elevated view of this stunning location, truly an experience that will stay with you for ever. We will be heading south west to spend the afternoon and evening at Nono Lagoon.

Once the anchor has been set you will have the opportunity to dive and snorkel the upright wreck of a tuna fishing boat. Fishing and water sports are always on the agenda, a great chance to learn a new sport or just improve the skills you already have.


After a relaxing start to the day with a breakfast of freshly baked breads, tropical fruits, we will be heading North West to Rendova Harbour on Rendova Island. Here we will be snorkeling and diving on two WII fighter planes. In the afternoon we will have plenty of time to explore this picturesque protected natural harbor and enjoy all the toys that Super Yacht Spirit has to offer.  The evening we will invite the local village over to play their pan style pipes and treat us to a traditional display of local dancing and culture right on the swim platform of MY Spirit.

A  fresh seafood buffet will be on offer prepared by your Chef Joanna.


Sadly today will see us heading back towards Gizo for your departure. Our passage will take us over the Munda Bar and through the beautiful and extremely photogenic Diamond Narrows, a great time to take some last minute holiday photos.

We will anchor a stone’s throw away from the airport,  so you will have time for a final swim or SUP or maybe you would like to take the tender across to Gizo town for some last minute gifts and interaction with the locals.

Spirits crew will be take you across to meet your plane as the wheels touch down, leaving MY Spirit and the Solomon Islands with  what we hope are fond memories of a truly unique experience.

Bon Voyage.

Water Sports

There will always be a qualified crew member to guide and instruct you in the use of Spirits water sports equipment. In the interest of safety all water sports will be supervised.

The following equipment is readily available.

  • Scuba Diving
  • Snorkeling
  • SUP
  • Surf
  • Kayaks
  • Fishing
  • Wake Boarding
  • Water Skiing
  • Inflatable/Towable toys
  • Selection of wet suits, dive skins and rash protection
  • Kite boarding equipment for qualified kite boarders can be rented ashore
  • Scuba Diving is available for certified divers with insurance in place
  • Instructor accompanied Scuba diving is available for non-certified divers
  • Kite Boarding is available for IKO certified kiters
  • Kite Boarding lessons are available but need to be booked in advance

We have a selection of wet suits, Dive Skins and rash protection on board however we suggest if you have your own then bring it along as you will be far more comfortable.