Top 5 Adventure Activities On The Great Barrier Reef

Aside from the spectacular scenery, the Great Barrier Reef is the perfect place to enjoy fun filled adventure activities. Our Superyacht, Spirit is fully equipped with all the best adventure toys, allowing our guests to get the most out of their charter experience. Here are our top 5 adventure activities for guests to enjoy on the Great Barrier Reef.


No trip to the Great Barrier Reef is complete without a SCUBA Dive. Diving allows guests to completely immerse themselves in this world heritage marine environment. The Great Barrier Reef is world renowned for its amazing scuba diving locations. With colourful coral reefs and an abundance of marine creatures, the Great Barrier Reef stretches 2,300km in length! The Great Barrier Reef offers a range of diving sites suitable for all levels of experience. There’s a huge range of dive sites along the Great Barrier Reef that are calm, protected and shallow spots around the islands, perfect for beginners. There are also plenty of deeper sites on the outer reef, perfect for those with more experience. Just ask one of our friendly yacht crew aboard Spirit. Our charter yacht crew have lots of experience diving in these waters and know all the best places to explore. Spirit has everything needed to dive these beautiful waters, including full SCUBA gear and compressor. All that’s needed is a desire to explore and have fun!


For those that are hesitant about SCUBA Diving, snorkelling is another great way to explore the Great Barrier Reef. Snorkelling the Great Barrier Reef ranks high on the bucket list for many travellers. The water is warm and the surrounding underwater scenery is unlike anywhere else on the planet! The best part about snorkelling is that it’s dead easy and all it takes is a snorkel, mask and a pair of fins!


More and more people are beginning to discover the pleasure of stand up paddle boarding…. and there’s no better place to try it out than on the aquamarine waters of the Great Barrier Reef. Stand up paddle boarding is really easy to do, relaxing and also great for your core strength! Imagine gliding over calm, tropical waters while turtles and fish swim below. Our experienced crew are always keen to teach guests how to use SUP boards, so they’re experts in no time! The Great Barrier Reef offers plenty of protected areas where the water is calm and ideal for SUP boards!

Image Courtsey Tourism Tropical North Queensland


The Great Barrier Reef is home to some of the best kiteboarding spots in the world. With its wide open spaces, calm tropical waters and white sandy beaches, there is always somewhere windy for kiteboarding! Seize the opportunity to learn kiteboarding and make this trip unforgettable! Our crew are always available to teach kiteboarding, for the adrenaline rush of a lifetime!


Nowhere else is there such a diverse range of fish species coupled with spectacular scenery. Hundreds of people visit the Great Barrier Reef every year to try their luck bringing home a prized catch. We carry an extensive range of fishing equipment onboard our charter yacht, Spirit. We also have three tenders, one of which is dedicated to fishing.

The beauty of the Great Barrier Reef is there to be explored by guests travelling onboard Spirit Charter Yacht. Spirit offers something to please every guest… For those wishing to relax and blissfully disconnect from the mainland, why not lounge on our private sundeck or soak in the jacuzzi. For those seeking more adventure, we have all of these activities available for our guests. Our crew are pro’s at encouragement, safety experts and specialists at nearly every adventure activity available on the ocean.

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